Dr Rajesh Munglani

Consultant in Pain Medicine


Dr Rajesh Munglani is a Consultant in Pain Medicine practicing in London. He specialises in a wide range of pain conditions including catastrophic spinal injury , chronic widespread pain , spinal pain, neuropathic pain, cancer related pains and complex regional pain syndrome. Dr Munglani no longer treats private patients but will provide a second clinical opinion.

Dr Munglani lectures and writes widely in the academic setting and has been Editor of Pain News (of the British Pain Society ) for 4 years.  He writes  medicolegal reports with a usually equal distribution of instruction between Claimant and Defendant both in personal injury and clinical negligence cases. He holds monthly clinics in London. Dr Munglani was made an honorary (lifetime) member of the British Pain Society in 2022 and elected Vice President of the British Pain Society in 2023 for a three year term.

Dr Munglani's Professional CV including medico-legal experience can be downloaded here.


Private Secretary: Sue Sanalitro

01223479024 sue@medicalsecretarialservices.org.uk


Recent Articles  (Links to  articles will follow)
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Full list of recent articles and lectures by Dr Munglani here