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Book chapter
Dr Munglani is the author of a chapter on 'Medico-legal Aspects of Pain Medicine' in a new book titled 'Pain and Treatment', edited by Gabor B. Racz and Carl E. Noe. It has been released online see here.

British Journal of Family Medicine
Dr Munglani co-authored an artice called 'Pain Management Part 1' in the May/ June Volume 2, Issue 3 edition of this journal, pages 11-13.

Letter in the June 2014 Edition of the British Medical Journal
Dr Munglani co-authored a letter in response to an article on 'Complex regional pain syndrome medicalises limb pain'.

Standards of Good Practice for Medial Branch Injections and Radiofrequency Denervation for Low Back Pain
Dr Munglani was on the working party that produced this document, published recently by the British Pain Society and the Royal College of Anaesthetists. Read here

British Journal of Pain
Dr Munglani co-authored the following article: Opioid Pathway in Chronic Non-Malignant Pain- Reducingthe Risk and Improving the Benefit. Abstract reference:
2014 8: 5 DOI: 10.1177/2049463714527262. The online version of this article can be found at

Article in Volume 1, Number 3 Journal of Obserational Pain Medicine
Dr Munglani has written the following article in the Journal: Numbers needed to heal, numbers needed to harm, numbers needed to kill; reflections on opioid therapy and primary duty of medicine. Read here

Pain News

Pain News March 2013

Dr Munglani has written three articles in the March 2013 edition of Pain News on the following subjects:

Pain News Summer 2012

Dr Munglani contributed four articles including:

  • The BPS website p77.
  • The threat to Pain Services and the continuing NHS Reforms, p86.
  • Letters to the Editor p125,127.

Pain News March 2012

Dr Munglani published an article with co-authors Liza Tharakan and Sanjeeva Gupta in Pain News: 'Survey of current UK practice in use of fluoroscopy, contrast material and steroids in neuraxial injections.'


Pain News Winter Edition 2011

Dr Munglani has contributed 3 articles to this edition.

  • NICE and the British Pain Society, p14.
  • Diagnostician, technician or physician: the dilemma of diagnosis in pain clinic, p19-22.
  • How do we progress knowledge?, p34-35.

Pain News Autumn 2011

Dr Munglani's article, titled Internet Group for Pain Consultants on page 36, explains the success of an online Pain Consultants group that provides a pooling of shared information, advice and expertise between consultants.


Solicitors Journal June 2012

Dr Munglani wrote an article titled 'The growing role of pain medicine in personal injury claims' for a special feature published on June 29th 2012.

National Press

Letter in The Times 27.04.11

Dr Munglani is one of a group of Pain Medicine Consultants that has written a letter objecting to the recent Audit Commission report on "Low clinical value treatments" in which the Commission suggests that injections for back pain and the use of spinal cord stimulation have limited evidence to support them and thus are suitable for decommissioning. Read here

Daily Mail Article

Dr Munglani was featured in an article describing how he helped Mark Sappol return to normal life having suffered years of chronic back pain.

See here: mail online health


On the web

New low back pain website

Dr Munglani is one of a group of over 30 medical experts contributing to
a new website dedicated to providing informative, in-depth advice on dealing with back and neck pain.



Dr Munglani has written numerous articles and chapters in medical books on the subject of pain.

Recent Papers and Articles:

Munglani, R. Failure to appreciate pain is a symptom not a diagnosis is what leads to bad medicine Response to journal letter 08.03.2010

Munglani, R. Judging the NICE early low back pain guidance Response to journal letter 31.07.2009

Munglani, R. NICE guidelines on low back pain are flawed Response to journal letter 31.05.2009

Schofield M, Munglani R. Non-opioid pain relief West Suffolk Hospital
British Journal of Cancer Management, Volume 3 Issue 2, 2007

Schofield M, Sardy M*, Munglani R. A randomised double-blinded placebo controlled trial of pulsed radiofrequency to the dorsal root ganglion for resistant whiplash pain and brachialgia West Suffolk Hospital, *Brooklyn College 2006

An extensive list of all papers and chapters published is available on request from Dr Munglani's secretary, email: