Medico-Legal Expertise

Dr Munglani has 16 years medico-legal experience in preparing reports for injury related legal claims. His present ratio of instruction is 60% Claimant, 40% Defendant and occasional Joint Expert.

Working in Cambridge and London, he writes on average 180 medico-legal reports per year for personal injury and medical negligence claims. Most of this work is in the field of persistent back and neck pain, particularly after injury and trauma. He also writes reports on patients with complex regional pain syndromes. He has been to court on numerous occasions, including giving evidence at the High Court on 4 occasions. He is normally able to see prepare a report within 6-8 weeks of seeing a client (subject to other commitments/annual leave).

The average time spent on reports is between 8 & 12 hours at a fee of £375 per hour + VAT. He has also appeared as an expert before the GMC and advises the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. Clinical New Patient consultancy fees £300 - £500 Clinical follow Up consultancy fees £150-£200 Listed on the UK Register of Expert Witnesses Member of the Society of Expert Witnesses Also on the APIL List of Expert Witnesses

Recent Cases

Dr Munglani provided a Pain Medicine Expert Witness report for the following case:
Pearce v Miles: Road traffic accident: motorcyclist; nerve damage; comlex regional pain syndrome; causation; alleged psychiatric overlay. See PDF of article in PI Focus April 2014 by Andrew Campbell, Managing Director of Bike Lawyer. One aspect of this case, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, was examined by the same author in an article published in the Law Gazette 28th April 2014.

Medico-legal articles by Dr Munglani in the Journal of Observational Pain Medicine
Dr Munglani has co-authored a series of medico-legal articles with Julian Benson, Barrister, Guildhall Chambers. See Contents page of the Journal here or read individual articles as listed below:
Compensation Claims Relating to Chronic Pain
- Part One: The Context of Litigation
- Part Two: Expert Evidence and the Role of the Expert Witness
- Part Three: Pain Syndromes and Disorders in the Medico-legal Setting
- Part Four: Particular Difficulties in Litigation Involving Chronic Pain

Cambridge Annual Medico-Legal Conference
Dr Munglani established this conference in 2011 and has since been joined by co-organisers Julian Benson, Barrister, Guildhall Chambers, Stuart McKechnie, Barrister, 9 Gough Square and Dr Michael Spencer, Consultant Psychiatrist. The next conference is on 25th September 2015, see here.

For all medico-legal enquiries:

Please contact Dr Munglani's secretary, Sue Sanalitro
Tel/Fax: 01223 479024


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