Dr Rajesh Munglani is an Hon. Consultant in Pain Medicine at St Thomas Hospital London. He has a Private Practice in Cambridge and London. He specialises in a wide range of pain conditions including spinal pain, cancer related pains and complex regional pain.




The main interest of Dr Munglani’s Pain Clinic is chronic spinal pain; he also researches, publishes and lectures in this field. The majority of patients come with persistent back pain, a whiplash injury or complex regional pain syndromes (formerly known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and causalgia). He also specialises in interventional pain treatments including radiofrequency and pulsed radiofrequency, prolotherapy and nucleoplasty.

In addition to running his pain clinics, Dr Munglani lectures and writes widely in the academic setting as well as writing medico-legal reports with a 60/40 ratio but at times equal distribution between claimant and defendant work in personal injury and clinical negligence work.













News and events

Recent articles by Dr Munglani here


In 2016 Dr Munglani was appointed as an Honarary Consultant to St Thomas Hospital London.
Dr Munglani signed a letter published in the Guardian on Tuesday 8th September 2015, along with 26 others, including many presidents and past presidents of Royal Colleges, that began: We, the undersigned, express our support for the assisted dying bill, which will be debated in the House of Commons on Friday 11 September. As healthcare professionals, we believe that the current law prohibiting assisted dying is dangerous, cruel and in direct conflict with our duty to care for our patients. See link below



Modern Believing, The Journal of Theological Liberalism, Volume 56, no 2
Dr Munglani contributed a paper to this edition of the Journal titled: Pain and Suffering in Cancer Patients pp145-162, read a PDF of the article here

Dr Munglani's upcoming and recent talks here

AAGBI Portland Place London 9 November 2017

November 2017
Dr Munglani gave a talk on the consent for pain procedures

Lucy Cavendish Medical and Veterinary Society

2nd February 2017
Dr Munglani debated on on "is pain relief a human right?"

London Spine Pain Symposium
7th July 2016
Dr Munglani gave a talk on:'Is there a Role of Interventional Therapy for Whiplash Injury: Small Details, Big Outcomes'

Canbridge MedicoLegal Forum
Dr Munglani is co-organiser of the Cambridge Medico-Legal Forum and attended on 5th July 2016 when the topic was ‘Surveillance Special’ with talks by Marc

8th Annual North England Pain Medicine Group Meeting

Friday 24th June 2016
Dr Munglani gave a talk on: Informed Consent for Chronic Pain Interventions

12 Kings Bench Walk Chambers Annual Personal Injury Conference
9 June 2016, Tower of London
Dr Rajesh Munglani gave a joint talk with Pankaj Madan titled:
Medico-legal aspects of chronic pain and CRPS

The British Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting Harrogate
10th -12th May 2016
Session on Cervical spinal injections – kill or cure? Was chaired jointly by Dr Rajesh Munglani and Dr Jon Valentine
Dr Munglani gave a talk titled: Care selection, consent issues and outcomes

Irwin Mitchell Medico-Legal Masterclass Cambridge
28th April 2016
Dr Munglani attended this Masterclass

London Pain Forum
Dr Munglani is on the London Pain Forum Council and attended the 15th Meeting of the London Pain Forum on Friday 22nd April 2016

Montague Centre London
Dr Munglani gave a talk on prevalence of pain in cancer and its effect on the assisted suicide debate on 8th November 2015

ACE Europe Glasgow
Dr Munglani gave a lecture on Understanding pain and what determines it prognosis on the 1st October 2015

Cambridge Medicolegal Conference
Dr Munglani  gave a talk on Determinant of Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia? CWP a medical and epidemiological update on 25th September 2015

Cambridge Medico-Legal Forum
Dr Munglani chaired a meeting of the Forum on 9th September 2015 at which Satinder Hunjan spoke on: ’The new age of consent, disclosure and risk’ - the impact of Montgomery, Wright and Loughlin.'

10th Belgrade International Symposium on Pain
Dr Munglani gave a talk titled: ‘ What factors make pain chronic?’ at this conference held in Belgrade, Serbia on 23rd May 2015

McDonald Agape Foundation 'Art of Dying' Conference, May 18-20
Dr Munglani gave a talk titled: ‘Can we always treat all cases of cancer related pain or are there cases of unbearable suffering?’ on Wednesday 20th May at this event. See full programme here.

Pain dept at the UCL Instutute of Neurology
Dr Munglani gave a talk titled "Consent and erosion of clinical autonomy: implications for the future of medical training. A pain medicine view point."
on 7/5/2015

9 Gough Square Personal Injury Seminar
Fundamental Dishonesty - the new Strike Out Provision
Dr Munglani gave a talk titled "Deceit, discrepancy and understanding the variable nature of human ability and presentation – a pain medicine view point" on 30/4/2015

APIL Silver Anniversary Conference, The Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, Wales
Dr Munglani spoke on 'Types of Pain and what makes it chronic?’ on Friday 24th April 2015.

British Pain Society’s 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM)
Dr Munglani gave a talk titled ‘ Should we be adopting novel pain interventions based on controlled trials only?’ at this conference in Glasgow on 21st April 2015.

Recent articles in Pain News
Dr Munglani has written two articles for the March 2015 Edition of Pain News. They are titled 'Reflections upon the pain experience':

part 1: symptom validity
and robustness of the pain diagnosis and Reflections upon the pain experience

– part 2: the determinants of chronic pain, or the possible diminishing role of chronic pain in chronic pain syndrome.

9 Gough Square Seminar

Dr Munglani spoke at this seminar, held at 9 Gough Square on 9th March 2015, on the topic: Does discrepancy equal dishonestly?.

This seminar focused on the new Strike Out Provision resulting from The Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 that has now received royal assent. Pursuant to s.57 the court must dismiss a personal injury claim, the whole claim, where it makes a finding of fundamental dishonestly and it would be just to do so.

Latest edition of the Journal of Observational Pain Medicine
Dr Munglani has co-authored a series of medico-legal articles with Barrister Julian Benson. See Contents page of the Journal here or read individual articles as listed below:
Compensation Claims Relating to Chronic Pain
- Part One: The Context of Litigation
- Part Two: Expert Evidence and the Role of the Expert Witness
- Part Three: Pain Syndromes and Disorders in the Medico-legal Setting
- Part Four: Particular Difficulties in Litigation Involving Chronic Pain

Liverpool Law Society's Pain Syndrome Conference

Dr Munglani spoke at the Liverpool Law Society's Pain Syndrome Conference in December 2014, his talk was titled:'Peculiarities of Pain in Clinical Negligence Cases'.

London Spine Pain and Neuromodulation Symposium
Dr Munglani gave a talk on 'Medicolegal: Watch your back' on 5th December, part of the Lecture Day Programme that was followed by two days of Cadaver Workshops.

New RSM conference on chronic pain
Dr Munglani was co-chair of a new conference organised by the Pain Medicine Section of the Royal Society of Medicine. Held this year on 19th November 2014, the conference was titled: 'Insights into the genesis and maintenance factors for chronic pain and how we should treat it'. Visit www.rsm.ac.uk/pain for more information. Dr Munglani spoke on the subject of 'Determinants of Chronic Pain'.

London Pain Forum at the Reform Club in Pall Mall

Dr Munglani chaired the discussion session at the 12th Black Tie meeting of the London Pain Forum.

Personal Injuries Bar Association Winter Conference
Dr Munglani spoke at this event, held in London, Saturday 15th November 2014. His talk was titled: 'Chronic Pain - The Pain Consultant's Perspective'

4th Biannual International Multidisciplinary Pain Congress

On 3rd October 2014 Dr Munglani spoke on the advantages of observational medicine versus RCTs.

Cambridge Annual Medico-Legal Conference 2014

On 26th September 2014 Dr Munglani spoke on the topic of the epidemiology of CRPS.

Interventional Pain Management Cadaver Workshop
On 17th September 2014, Dr Munglani gave a talk titled: 'How robust is a diagnosis in pain medicine?' at this event held at the University of Birmingham

9 Gough Square Personal Injury Seminar - 11 September 2014
Dr Munglani spoke on 'Robustness in pain diagnoses'

Articles in the British Journal of Family Practice - Sept/Oct 2014
Dr Munglani co-authored a three part article series on Pain Management. You can read the articles in PDF Format here:
Pain Management Part 1 May 2014 BJFM
Pain Management Part 2 July 2014 BJFM
Pain Management Part 3 Sept/Oct 2014 BJFM

Book chapter
Dr Munglani is the author of a chapter on 'Medico-legal Aspects of Pain Medicine' in a new book titled 'Pain and Treatment', edited by Gabor B. Racz and Carl E. Noe. It has been released online see here. You can also download a PDF here.

British Journal of Family Medicine
Dr Munglani co-authored an artice called 'Pain Management Part 1' in the May/ June Volume 2, Issue 3 edition of this journal, pages 11-13.

Letter in the June 2014 Edition of the British Medical Journal
Dr Munglani co-authored a letter in response to an article on 'Complex regional pain syndrome medicalises limb pain'.

The Law Society Gazette
Dr Munglani was interviewed in an article titled: ' Complex Regional Pain'. Read the article online here: http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/law/practice-points/complex-regional-pain/5040961.article

Royal Society of Medicine
9th May, Dr Munglani Chaired a meeting on 'The legal aspect of pain'

Belgrade International Symposium on Pain
16 - 17th May, Belgrade, Serbia. Dr Munglani was invited to give lectures titled: Update on neurobiology of chronic spinal pain” and "Botulinum toxin in Pain Medicine - has it a role?"

5th Hands-on Cadaver Workshop, London
22-23 May 2014, Pain Intervention, Neuromodulation and Ultrasound, Guy's Hospital Campus, King's College, London. Talk listed in workshop programme:
'Interventional Pain Management and Medico-Legal Considerations', Dr Rajesh Munglani, West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St Edmunds, UK

University of Birmingham Interventional Pain and Cadaver Workshops
10th April 2014, Dr Munglani gave a presentation of techniques in Prolotherapy and Botox.

Standards of Good Practice for Medial Branch Injections and Radiofrequency Denervation for Low Back Pain
Dr Munglani was on the working party that produced this document, published recently by the British Pain Society and the Royal College of Anaesthetists. Read here

British Journal of Pain
Dr Munglani co-authored the following article: Opioid Pathway in Chronic Non-Malignant Pain- Reducing the Risk and Improving the Benefit. Abstract reference:
2014 8: 5 DOI: 10.1177/2049463714527262. The online version of this article can be found at http://bjp.sagepub.com/content/8/2_suppl/5

Article in Volume 1, Number 3 Journal of Obserational Pain Medicine
Dr Munglani has written the following article in the Journal: Numbers needed to heal, numbers needed to harm, numbers needed to kill; reflections on opioid therapy and primary duty of medicine. Read here

Bringing clarity to Neuropathic Pain Guidelines on the Neuropathic Pain Masterclass
Dr Munglani has recently given a talk on this topic at a medical meeting held at Ascot.

New Appointment
Dr Munglani has been appointed to the Pain Medicine Section of the
Royal Society of Medicine

Lecture on the medico-legal complications of radiofrequency
Dr Munglani spoke on this topic at the second annual Truth about Radiofrequency Masterclass, Friday March 14th 2014 at St Thomas' Hospital

4th Biannual International Multidisciplinary Pain Congress
Dr Munglani will be giving two lectures at the conference being held ftom 29th September to 4th October 2014. More details to follow.

Downing College Cambridge Clinical Insight Evening
On 14th November 2013 Dr Munglani spoke to medical students on the subject of Pain Medicine as part of a series of Speciality Insight evening talks.

Liverpool Law Society's Pain Syndrome Conference

Dr Munglani spoke at the Liverpool Law Society's Pain Syndrome Conference on 11 December 2013. See http://www.liverpoollawsociety.org.uk/legal-events/pain-syndrome-conference. He gave two talks, titled:

"Conceptualisation the generation, maintenance and measurement of pain states"
"The attribution of symptoms: is all due to the index event?"

Cambridge Annual Medico-Legal Conference 2014

Dr Munglani is the organiser of this annual conference. The conference will be held at Peterhouse on Friday 26th September 2014, click here.

Third International Conference on Interventional Pain Medicine Warsaw

Dr Munglani was one of the faculty at this conference held on 14th-16th June 2013. He spoke on the subjects of radiofrequency and medico-legal aspects of pain medicine. He also co-chaired a session on Interventional Pain Medicine and Intrathecal Drug delivery. PDF of Programme.

Articles in Pain News March 2013 Edition

Dr Munglani has written three articles in the March 2013 edition of Pain News on the following subjects:

Journal of Observational Pain Medicine Second Edition

Dr Munglani is the  Editor-in Chief of a new online open access journal that he has established, in recognition of the fact that not all information or advances in pain medicine can be presented in a randomised controlled fashion. The Journal, found at www.joopm.com will publish papers covering all aspects of pain medicine.

Read the Second Edition of the Journal.

Masterclass on RF Treatment

On 1st March 2013 Dr Munglani spoke at St Thomas' Hospital at the Pain Management and Neuromodulation Centre on the subject of RF Treatment.

Interventional Pain and Cadaver Workshops

On 10th April 2013 Dr Munglani will speak at the Pain Forum Day at the Anatomy Department at the University of Birmingham on the subject of the medico-legal aspects for interventional pain treatments.

Visit www.interventionalpain.co.uk for more information.

Feature in Solicitors Journal, June 2012

Dr Munglani wrote an article titled 'The growing role of pain medicine in personal injury claims' for a special feature published on June 29th 2012. http://www.solicitorsjournal.com

Articles in Pain News, June 2012

Dr Munglani has contributed 4 articles to this edition including:

Pain News March 2012

Dr Munglani published an article with co-authors Liza Tharakan and Sanjeeva Gupta in Pain News: 'Survey of current UK practice in use of fluoroscopy, contrast material and steroids in neuraxial injections.'

Articles in Pain News, Winter Edition 2011

Dr Munglani has contributed 3 articles to this edition.

New appointment

On 24 June 2011 Dr Munglani was elected onto the Council of the British Pain Society.

Daily Mail article

Dr Munglani was featured in an article describing how he helped Mark Sappol return to normal life having suffered years of chronic back pain.